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Post your UI and UI advise and stuff

The UI we use can be an importent aspect of our why not share our UI's so we can help eachother out with Idee's, help, advise etc.Click here to show my UIOmen disapears when not in combad, my micromenu is faded out just like my bar w...
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General Discussion

Vacations/AFK/IRL Bullshit!

Alrighty then, Im going AFK for Peace & Love Festival here in sweden.AFK Time is from today (2011-06-26) Until 2011-07-03.I wish u well during the progress this week and that u get some nazty Killshots in fireland!im going alcoholic now, see y...
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General Discussion

quick ?

hey just had a quick ? i work a double on tuesday so wont be online. Is there any way u can post here or under strategies what boss were gonna start with in firlands so i can read tatics and all while at work. Now im not sure how its gonna work me...
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hey ajmy and all

Hey guys just wanted to say sry for not making it sunday i put myself on tenative casue though ti may be called in for double shift. and it happens that i did get called in so couldnt make raid. Also i may not make it tonight im not sure yet becas...
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General Discussion

hello all

Just wanted to say hello all all and thx for invite:)
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